We are the CGU chapter of Psi Chi! The purpose of this blog is to help inform the DBOS students of our events, the events around DBOS, and upcoming volunteer opportunities around the community! We also have some resources such as our course planner for DBOS programs.

The CGU chapter of Psi Chi will join together fellow psychology students to advance the discipline and promote educational experiences and social responsibility.

Our mission can be accomplished through the various opportunities listed below:

  • Offer events for psychology students to collaborate for research
  • Fundraise for a cause (e.g. athletic competitions, raffles, auctions)
  • Volunteer in the community (e.g. mentoring children)
  • Alumni partnership for research projects

Each semester we will offer various activities that will be open to Psi Chi members and all CGU students.  We hope that our Psi Chi chapter will encourage involvement in our school, in psychology, and in the surrounding community.

Check out our resources and meeting minutes!

Read more about us at: http://cgu.edu/pages/9419.asp

Questions? Contact us at psi.chi@cgu.edu!

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